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Established in 2016 during Ambria Berksteiner's tenure at Spelman College, 'Operation Changing the World One STEM at a Time Inc.' focuses on mentoring young Women of Color pursuing STEM careers. The organization captivates their interest by integrating STEM concepts, making seemingly dull subjects enjoyable through imagination and creativity. As the saying goes, exposure leads to expansion, and our mission is to educate, enlighten, and empower the next generation of STEM enthusiasts. #OneSTEMataTime.


To Educate,Enlighten and Empower young women to pursue stem careers 


Providing innovative programs and support to diverse COMMUNITIES of young women-empowering them to become the STEM leaders of tomorrow #oneSTEMatatime.

Our Beginnings

I entered Spelman College in the Fall of 2013, unaware of all of the challenges that women face in the STEM fields and how low the retention rate of minority women in STEM actually was.  In the Spring of 2014 I received a mentor through The Georgia Power Women in STEM Mentoring Program. This program changed my life and view on whether or not women in STEM could survive, but here I was actually seeing women thrive and being successful in these professions. In The Spring of 2016 I had the chance to compete  for and ultimately claim the title of Miss Savannah USA. Through this title, I created a  STEM platform where I wanted to share the experience of being mentored  and uplifted with these girls who dreamed of  maybe one day becoming a scientist or chemist one day just as I was as a Sophomore at Spelman College. With only 29% of the STEM workforce being female, it was imperative that I gave back. This platform  ultimately grew to become Operation: Changing the World One S.T.E.M. at a Time. Through this organization I  advocate for young women in STEM, working to make it accessible and enjoyable for our young girls. Coming from an institution such as Spelman I was taught from the minute we stepped onto campus, that just like our sisters who came before us, we had “a choice to change the world” and by sharing the knowledge and and showing our girls that we care and ultimately seeing them go on to pursue their dreams, whether that be in an area of STEM or not it shows that even if I don’t believe I am making an impact, that I am in fact doing just that a little at a time.Through Operation: Changing the World One S.T.E.M. at a Time I have impacted over 1000 girls and that number continues to grow.

Founder and Executive Director

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