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During this celebratory event and panel discussion, women are recognized and honored for their considerable achievement and unwavering support for the Savannah -Chatham County STEM community. Their efforts to support STEM education have impacted our youth and others within the Savannah community and beyond. Through their service, they have educated, enlightened, and empowered many young women to succeed in the areas of STEM. We salute them as our #ChangeAgents.


Special thanks to our event sponsors State Farm Insurance: The Holland Agency and  The Creative Coast organization. 


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Summertime is the best time at Operation One STEM at a Time! When school is out it's time for Operation: Summer! Throughout the Summer season, Operation: One STEM at a Time partners with various organizations and entities throughout the Savannah-Chatham area such as The Creative Coast, The Savannah-Chatham County Public School System, and The Live Oak Public Libraries to provide multiple programs and camp sessions- bringing engaging and innovate STEM-based projects to local students. The programs are curated to follow the Georgia Standards for Excellence in the areas of Math and Science. Throughout the camp sessions, students are challenged to think critically, develop their communication skills by working in team settings and strengthen their math and science skills and understanding. 


#BluePRINTStoSTEM and the purpose is to provide children in low-income areas with accessible libraries filled with literacy about STEM disciplines. “Savannah has an overall poverty rate of 24%. For African Americans, that number is an overwhelming 32.6%.   Four out of ten  young people in Savannah are living in households with an income below the poverty threshold, and half of those children are living well below the poverty line,” Berksteiner explains. “From my personal experience, I never had anyone explain to me what engineering or STEM was until I was in high school and went through the Engineering Explorer Post program at Savannah Arts Academy. We always tell children, whether it’s on t.v. or in books, that they can be anything they want to be – a doctor, a lawyer, an engineer – and that’s great, but are we actually giving them the tools to pursue those careers? What does it mean to work in these careers? What does it take to get there?” As the name suggests, the goal of #BluePRINTStoSTEM is to provide a blueprint or a guide on pursuing STEM careers while increasing the literacy rates in these communities.... 

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