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On May 21, 2017 Ambria Berksteiner closed the doors of her matriculation at Spelman College and opened the doors to her reign as Miss Black Savannah USA 2017.  Overnight Ambria became an ambassador for young women and was introduced to the local spotlight. While fulfilling the duties of this prestigious title , Berksteiner was a participant of the Dual Degree Engineering Program at Spelman College, where she majored in Mathematics, and is currently pursuing a degree in Industrial Engineering at Auburn University. Berksteiner is planning on obtaining her Ph.D. in Industrial Engineering.


During her reign Ambria had the vision of empowering young Women of Color in the STEM fields.  In 2016 Berksteiner launched Operation: Changing the World One STEM at a Time which provides  mentoring to young African-American girls who are interested in pursuing STEM careers.  

Check out Ambria's feature in the Savannah Tribune HERE

Along with being Miss Black Savannah USA, Ambria's esteemed position as a Spelman Alumna STEM Ambassador, member of the Executive Board of the National Society of Black Engineers (Auburn University Chapter), and recipient of the Georgia Power Women in Engineering Scholarship, displays her exemplary service as an advocate for the STEM fields as well as the arts,Since Operation Changing the World One STEM at a Time's creation, starting of as a personal platform which has now become a Non-Profit organization and obtaining this prestigious title Berksteiner has continued to use her voice to bring awareness to the math and sciences, working diligently to expose underrepresented students to different areas of the STEM fields.

Ambria is very blessed an fortunate to have to opportunity to be a voice of inspiration to young women everywhere. She will always continue to 

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